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ReStart is owned and operated by professional Paramedics who have dedicated their lives to the service of others.  Together they bring over 49 years of experience to the classroom.

Individual, Corportate & Group classes available
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ReSTART offers exciting, interactive, hands on

Stop The Bleed training!

first aid



help given to a sick or injured person until full medical treatment is available.


"an expert in emergency first aid"

care, treatment
help, assistance
medical attention


"everyone should learn the fundamentals of first aid"

Upcoming Events
​​​COVID 19 has changed the way we operate our courses and has limited class sizes. 
We take all precautions during classes, ensure students have access to their own equipment for use during class, disinfect equipment after each use and require masks to be worn at all times. 
Home Alone and Babysitting Courses are now offered online as well as in person with limited class sizes.
Our partnership with FESTI will add several Tactical Medicine Course in 2021.  
  • March 2021 |bookings open 
    • Standard First Aid - Ottawa​
    • Standard First Aid Recert - Ottawa
    • TECC-LEO - Ottawa
  • April 2021 |bookings open ​​
  • May 2021 |bookings open 
  • June 2021 |bookings open 

car·di·o·pul·mo·nar·y re·sus·ci·ta·tion


noun: cardiopulmonary resuscitation

plural noun:cardiopulmonary resuscitations




emergency medical procedures for restoring normal heartbeat and breathing to victims of heart failure, drowning, etc.

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